ARCS Completes Phase II Option—See the Video!

Mar 4, 2022

Last month, ARCS Aviation finished up the Phase II Option of our RSO contract! We had a successful demonstration in a wet paint environment, and we are excited about the progress made. Our team has worked hard to implement changes based on end-user’s requests during this option period including: integration with Personal Protective Equipment, use of the system in a wet paint environment, creation of different roles while using the system (Work Lead, Painter, and Supervisor), and overall optimization of the system to create an intuitive and user-friendly product.

The Paint ScannAR system has successfully been a part of the RSO’s mission to bring the future of technology into today’s world by injecting game-changing solutions into the sustainment enterprise, and we believe there is an exciting future for this system.

Watch the video to see a virtual product demonstration of the Paint ScannAR system, and please reach out to with any questions!