ARCS Aviation Awarded Phase II Contract with Air Force RSO

We are excited to announce that ARCS Aviation is one of eleven companies who have been awarded a Phase II prototype project from the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) 2020 Virtual Pitch Day! We look forward to helping reduce US Air Force aircraft maintenance downtime and advancing the Air Force’s operations and sustainment in order to increase overall mission readiness.

In late May we submitted our feasibility statement and on July 28, 2020 we were given the opportunity to present at the RSO Virtual Pitch Day, ultimately receiving news that we were awarded the Phase II Contract. Throughout this process, ARCS has worked with subject matter experts and end users as well as the Air Force RSO to develop a solution that will apply and scale technology essential to the operation and sustainment of the United States Air Force.

The ARCS Aviation team is comprised of subject matter experts who know this industry well and have a deep interest in using technology to improve efficiency, enhance competency and to ultimately save lives. Through our proposed solution we will be simultaneously integrating the latest cutting edge technologies and innovations to problem solve while providing an advantageous solution for the Air Force.

We are looking forward to working with the Air Force RSO and are ready to be a part of the effort to take the progressive steps of bringing the future of technology into today’s world by injecting game-changing solutions into the sustainment enterprise.