ARCS Awarded CMI2 Contract in collaboration with EagleWerx Army Innovation Office

Dec 1, 2023

Awarded Sept 25, 2023

ARCS Aviation is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a subcontract by the Civil-Military Innovation Institute (CMI2) in collaboration with members of the EagleWerx Innovation Office at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, as part of the collaborative Pathfinder program with the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Army Research Laboratory.

ARCS Aviation will conduct research toward the development of Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC) Training in Virtual Reality (VR) to aid in safe instruction, testing of knowledge level, and re-occurring training of the MICLIC rocket used to clear a path through minefields and other obstacles. MICLIC is a complex rocket to fire and the Army can only give Warfighters a very limited number of rounds of practice. The VR capabilities will fill the training gaps that units face on the MICLIC. ARCS will implement and test the prototype system at Fort Campbell.

This award was made possible by the efforts of the ARCS technical team, the ARCS business development team, all of ARCS’ support and enablement staff, to support the Pathfinder program.

The Pathfinder program is managed by DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory and the DEVCOM Armaments Center in collaboration with CMI2. CMI2 supports the effort to rapidly innovate high-impact, research-based technologies, providing a path to commercialization and rapid acquisition of products by the U.S. Army. By creating a project joining researchers and the U.S. military, Pathfinder helps to provide Army Soldiers with a platform to create and produce much-needed technology.

ABOUT CMI2: The Civil-Military Innovation Institute (CMI2) is a defense innovation nonprofit organization focusing on rapid development and technology transition solutions to support the warfighter with immediate impact and effect. CMI2, in collaboration with the DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, supports the Catalyst-Pathfinder program to ensure practical readiness and accelerated performance for Soldiers through problem sourcing, opportunities, and solution concepts. Visit to learn more.

ABOUT EagleWerx: The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is at the forefront of innovation across the Army, and EagleWerx, Fort Campbell’s Applied Tactical Innovation Center (ATIC) is providing Soldiers with the resources they need to push their ideas even further. EagleWerx strives to develop most concepts into mature, minimum-viable projects within six months, and community partners like Vanderbilt University and Middle Tennessee State University are helping them do just that. Visit to learn more.

ABOUT ARCS Aviation: Founded in Cookeville, TN in 2012 by a retired pilot, ARCS Aviation develops technology-based solutions for pilots and maintainers. Systems include a wide range of training and operations technologies, from courseware to interactive multimedia instruction and technical manuals to virtual and augmented reality. ARCS is a certified HUBZone small business.