Ekanos – Available for Purchase
Ekanos is the next generation of interactive e-books for aircraft maintenance technician training. Ekanos offers complete coverage of the AA AMT-ACS Curriculum, developed and verified by experienced subject matter experts. ARCS developed Ekanos to ensure that future aircraft engineers have access to outstanding theoretical content and, at the same time, necessary simulation to visualize the theoretical content. Using meaningful interaction and simulation integrated into an e-Book will assist future aircraft engineers in improving their comprehension, and theoretical knowledge retention and improving their ability to perform practical skills. Ekanos includes high-quality illustrations, animations, and interactivities in 2D and 3D, as well as self-assessment quizzes for each subject. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality add-ons are available.

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Scholarship for AMT Students – Applications open Nov. 15, 2022
ARCS Aviation has partnered with Choose Aerospace, Inc to provide one aviation maintenance technical program student with an award.

The Choose Aerospace aviation maintenance curriculum puts students on a pathway to the FAA mechanic certification. The curriculum is intended for use in a high school setting, but deployable in a variety of settings including community-based workforce programs, or similar programs using a hybrid approach to learning. It combines traditional delivery methods (classroom, textbook, and in-person labs) with e-learning methods (video lecture, e-book, virtual and augmented reality simulations and exercises) using an e-learning platform. 

ARCS Aviation partnered with Clemson University Center for Workforce Development (CUCWD) and the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) to build and deploy the Choose Aerospace curriculum.

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NDI Training Aids – Technology Available for Purchase

The NDI (non-destructive inspection) training aid is an educational course that allows students to visualize invisible currents. This has the option to be an augmented reality training aid, meaning that the user is wearing a headset displaying images into the real world and using their hands to manipulate the probes and press buttons, just as you would when conducting actual testing. This helps young airmen and students understand invisible currents and pass knowledge exams. The modules can be used in Augmented Reality or online via a computer or tablet. Current modules offered are Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, and Ultrasonic Current.

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Paint ScannAR – Technology Available for Purchase

Aircraft require consistent maintenance, including paint, that can take several weeks. Therefore, making this process faster saves money and increases readiness. ARCS Paint ScannAR combines a commercial system that uses light waves to measure the thickness of paint on a surface with an Augmented Reality (AR) headset, showing the results of the scan as animation on top of the surface being scanned. By providing accurate information about how much paint is on the aircraft, ARCS allows the paint shop to plan how much chemical and time is needed to strip the old paint.

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