Meet Our Staff


Barjes Alotaibi is the President of ARCS Aviation. He founded ARCS in 2012 to improve training using the latest technology. Mr. Alotaibi believes the use of AR/VR can significantly improve training and operations while significantly reducing overall costs. Mr. Alotaibi acts as the Principal Investigator (PI) on several ARCS contracts, including projects with the USAF, AFWERX, US Navy, and RSO, just to name a few.

He began his career with the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco), which spanned over 30 years, of which 20+ were in the Aviation Department. He has extensive management, international flying experience in various types of aircraft, and over 7,500 accident-free-flying hours. During his career, he assumed several management positions such as Chief Pilot, Fleet Manager, Sr. Training Captain, and Safety pilot. He developed and established a standard operating procedures manual and checklists that fit different types of operations, i.e. MEDVAC, Search and Rescue, Spray missions over the Persian Gulf to combat oil spills, Photo missions, and VIP flights. These methods increased comprehension and knowledge retention and decreased the overall cost to the department. His extensive experience and passion for the industry have been crucial in the growth and expansion of ARCS Aviation.


Brian Bleck is the Vice President (VP) of ARCS Aviation. With experience working for the Federal Government and the private sector, Mr. Bleck brings diverse knowledge ranging from Law to Software Development. He not only possesses extensive experience in software engineering but also holds a JD from Washington & Lee University School of Law, along with degrees in Economics and Architecture from the University of New Mexico.

Before joining ARCS Aviation, Mr. Bleck worked at Los Alamos Laboratory and has held a DOE L-level clearance. He has knowledge and experience in Research and Development (R&D) and interacting with Government and commercial clients. Mr. Bleck has experience in interpreting contract languages and FARs/DFARs, as well as legal familiarity in litigation, insurance defense, taxation, and wide-ranging research. He worked on several projects at Los Alamos Laboratory, including Smart Nuclear Infrastructure evaluating augmented reality and other technologies used in smart nuclear facilities. At ARCS, Brian oversees internal operations, helps to build strong customer relationships, maximizes the company’s operating performance, and helps the company achieve financial goals. His attention to detail and problem-solving skills are an asset to the ARCS Aviation team!


Sydney Dunaway is the Operations Manager at ARCS Aviation, with previous leadership and management experience. She is a Tennessee Technological University graduate, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Event Planning.

Sydney manages our corporate main office in Cookeville, TN as well as handles employee relations, manpower optimization, process improvement, and more. She has excellent organizational skills and helps keep the team running smoothly at all times. ARCS Aviation believes that Sydney’s efficiency and attention to detail make her a valuable asset to the team!


Gary is a Project Manager currently working at ARCS Aviation to manage our Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) Phase III Project. He is responsible for organizing and planning meetings, controlling time management, monitoring progress, and analyzing and managing project risk as well as other various project management duties. Gary is a strong leader with an extensive background in the aviation industry, military and non-military, who has excellent decision making skills and always maintains a high level of integrity.

Having over 18 years of experience as a military pilot, Gary served as: AC-130U Aircraft Commander, Squadron Chief of Standardization and Evaluation, and Director of Operations. Gary is currently a First Officer at Southwest Airlines. Gary obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics from Virginia Military Institute, and his Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Oklahoma.


Natalie LaFlam is the Marketing & Account Coordinator at ARCS Aviation. She assumes a variety of roles at ARCS in both marketing and account management, as well as various other project management duties. 

Natalie is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and advertising, with minors in business and graphic design. She is also a private pilot and National Guard reservist. Natalie manages our aviation curriculum, oversees our Army contract, and assists our USAF Phase III Project Manager (PM) in overseeing daily project progress. She helps identify potential issue(s) and provides recommendations to the PM and management team. Natalie also handles all our visual communications, keeps our website and social media up-to-date, aids our business development team, and helps us put our best foot forward when presenting to clients. The combination of her aviation and military knowledge with marketing and project coordination experience is a valuable asset to the ARCS Team!   


Sacha Berwin is the Chief Software Architect at ARCS Aviation, with a wide range of expertise in AR, VR, MR, XR, AI, and ML. Sacha leads our team of developers here at ARCS Aviation and is our go-to software development Subject Matter Expert. He has over 30 years of experience in technology, with advanced programming skills in several languages including C++, C#, Python, Java, Swift, and Obj. C. He has robust expertise in the design and development of entire stacks from concept, flow, graphics, programming, UX to a finished product. He has translated those skills to develop high-level Augmented Reality systems for ARCS Aviation.
Sacha has helped the capabilities of ARCS grow immensely and continues to progress our team of developers with a positive attitude. Sacha is a problem solver and an efficient worker with a high level of computer, software, and network security skills, making him a valuable asset to our development team!


Nathan Melton is a software developer at ARCS Aviation, specializing in augmented reality solutions. He aids the development team with solutions for the HoloLens 2 under an Air Force contract, enhancing training and operational efficiency.

Nathan began working at ARCS as an intern in March 2021 and later joined the development team full-time! Nathan obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Tennessee Technological University, where he volunteered in the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). Nathan has a background in computer science, development, and design. He has extensive experience developing mobile applications for productions and prototyping for high-stakes environments. Nathan’s skills are an asset to the ARCS development team!



Sean McNulty is an experienced Data Scientist who works as an AI & Data Science Researcher at ARCS Aviation. He has a wide range of experience in data collection, analysis, and modeling.

Sean has a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Montana, where he formerly worked as a research assistant. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from the University of Montana. Sean is the primary researcher in all projects related to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). His research skills are a critical component of the development team!